Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice: A Culinary Adventure

Introduction to Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice

Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice is not just a meal; it’s a celebration of flavors and culinary expertise, brought to life on the versatile Blackstone griddle. This dish, a delightful fusion of tender chicken pieces, perfectly cooked rice, and a medley of fresh vegetables, all stir-fried to perfection, has become a staple in outdoor cooking and hibachi-style feasts. The key to its irresistible appeal lies in the unique cooking method – using the Blackstone griddle, which imparts a distinct smoky flavor and allows for an even, satisfying char on the ingredients.

The popularity of Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice can be traced back to the growing trend of outdoor cooking and the rise of hibachi-style dining in the United States. Originating from the Japanese teppanyaki, the dish has been Americanized, adapting to the flavors and ingredients readily available in the country. It’s a dish that symbolizes the blending of cultures – a testament to America’s melting pot of culinary traditions. The Blackstone griddle, with its expansive cooking surface, makes it easy to cook large batches, making this dish a favorite at gatherings, backyard parties, and family dinners. The versatility of the recipe allows for endless variations, catering to a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences.

Ingredients and Preparation for Flavorful Chicken Fried Rice

Choosing the Right Chicken and Alternatives

The choice of chicken in Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice is crucial for texture and flavor. Thigh meat is often preferred for its juiciness and rich taste, but breast meat is a leaner option that also works well. For a vegetarian twist, tofu or plant-based chicken substitutes can be excellent alternatives, offering a similar texture without compromising on the essence of the dish. Marinating the chicken or its substitutes in a blend of soy sauce, garlic, and herbs can significantly enhance the flavor, making it a pivotal step in the preparation process.

Selecting the Best Rice for Fried Rice

The foundation of any fried rice, including the Blackstone version, is the rice itself. Day-old rice is ideal as it has less moisture, leading to a better texture when fried. Short-grain rice like Calrose provides a slightly sticky yet separate grain, perfect for this dish. Alternatively, long-grain jasmine rice is known for its fragrant aroma and non-sticky nature, making it another excellent choice. The key is to use rice that has been cooked and then cooled, as fresh, hot rice can turn mushy when stir-fried. Learn more about perfect rice cooking methods with this Instant Pot Asian Rice Recipe.

Essential Oils and Fats for Flavor

Oils and fats are not just cooking mediums; they are flavor enhancers in Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice. A combination of olive oil and butter offers a balance of richness and health, with olive oil providing a high smoke point and butter adding a creamy flavor. Sesame oil, used sparingly, can add a nutty aroma and is typically added at the end of cooking to preserve its flavor.

Vegetables and Optional Ingredients

Vegetables add color, texture, and nutrients to Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice. Staples include diced carrots, peas, and sliced green onions for crunch and sweetness. Bell peppers, bean sprouts, and mushrooms can also be added for variety. For those looking to add more greens, chopped bok choy or spinach are great options. The beauty of this dish lies in its flexibility, allowing for customization based on personal preferences or dietary needs.

Seasonings and Sauces

The seasoning in Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice is what ties the dish together. Soy sauce is essential for that umami flavor, while a touch of oyster sauce can add depth and a hint of sweetness. White pepper adds a subtle heat without overpowering the dish. For variety, include bell peppers, bean sprouts, and mushrooms. Add a small amount of chicken or vegetable stock while stir-frying to introduce an extra layer of flavor.

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Mastering the Cooking Process for Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice

Marinating the Chicken for Hibachi-Style Fried Rice

Marinating the chicken is a crucial step in preparing Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice, as it infuses the meat with rich flavors and tenderizes it. Begin by cutting the chicken into bite-sized pieces, ensuring they are uniform for even cooking. For the marinade, combine soy sauce, a dash of rice wine or sake for depth, minced garlic, and a hint of ginger for a warm, spicy note. Adding a small amount of cornstarch to the marinade helps create a slight crust on the chicken during cooking, enhancing the dish’s texture. Allow the chicken to marinate for at least 30 minutes, though a couple of hours in the refrigerator would yield more flavorful results. This process not only seasons the chicken but also ensures that it remains moist and tender once cooked on the griddle.

Rice Preparation Secrets for Perfect Fried Rice

Cook and cool the rice beforehand to achieve the ideal texture for Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice. Rinse the rice thoroughly to remove excess starch, which helps in preventing clumping. Cook the rice with a slightly reduced amount of water than usual, as firmer rice works better for frying. Once cooked, spread the rice on a tray and let it cool completely. Refrigerating the rice overnight is ideal, as it dries out the grains, ensuring they don’t stick together when fried. This step is vital for achieving the distinct separated grains typical in fried rice.

Techniques for Cooking Chicken Fried Rice on the Blackstone Griddle

Cooking Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice on a griddle is an art that combines timing and technique. Start by preheating the Blackstone griddle to a medium-high heat, allowing for a sizzling surface that cooks quickly without burning. Begin by adding a bit of oil, then the marinated chicken. Spread the chicken evenly for uniform cooking and stir occasionally until it browns and cooks thoroughly. Remove the chicken and set it aside.

Add a bit more oil, then pour in the cooled rice. Spread it across the griddle, letting it fry and develop a bit of a crust. Stir occasionally, allowing all the rice to get some heat. Heat the rice until it’s slightly crispy, then clear a space in the center of the griddle. Add a bit more oil and then crack in some eggs, scrambling them on the griddle before mixing them with the rice.

Now, reintroduce the chicken, and add your prepared vegetables. Stir everything together, ensuring even mixing and heating. Season with soy sauce, oyster sauce, and a sprinkle of white pepper, adjusting to taste. Keep everything moving on the griddle to prevent burning and ensure each ingredient cooks perfectly. Your Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice is ready to serve once everything is hot, well-mixed, and seasoned.

blackstone chicken fried rice


  • What makes Blackstone chicken fried rice unique?
    • It’s the combination of flavors and the cooking method on the Blackstone griddle.
  • Can I use different types of rice?
    • Yes, jasmine or Calrose rice are both great options.
  • Vegetarian alternatives for chicken?
    • There are several vegan chicken substitutes that work well.
  • Tips for the perfect fried rice texture?
    • Use day-old rice and cook on a high heat for a crispy texture.


In conclusion, Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice is more than just a dish; it’s a culinary experience that brings together a blend of flavors, textures, and cooking techniques. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, this dish offers a versatile and enjoyable cooking journey. The key to its success lies in the quality of ingredients, the preparation of the rice, and the unique cooking method on the Blackstone griddle. With options to customize, including vegetarian alternatives and various types of rice, it caters to a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences.

Offering customization options like vegetarian choices and various rice types, it appeals to diverse tastes and diets. This dish delights the palate and unites people, ideal for family meals, outdoor events, or cozy nights in. Blackstone Chicken Fried Rice showcases modern cooking’s creativity and diversity, blending traditional and contemporary flavors. It’s a dish that encourages experimentation and personalization, ensuring that each time you make it, you create something uniquely delicious. For more delicious recipes and cooking tips, follow James Strange on Instagram.

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